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Here you will find information about the Age of Myth that has been carefully reconstructed and spruced up for the general public. Our libraries may not be vast, but they are intricate; we hope that the information presented here can help you forge a better understanding of the culture of the old world.

The Old World’s Shape: The Kingdoms of Luxendarc.

Each of these entries will follow a simple template that any layman can easily understand: first, we will focus on where the kingdom is in the land of Luxendarc, how it relates to the lands around it, and its general geography. Next, we will focus on the kingdom’s people and how they live. After that, well, the topic depends on the kingdom; religion, agriculture, and migration patterns are all possible topics…perhaps many at once! You never know. The only way to find out for yourself is to read, of course.

The Land of Wa.

The Theocracy of Cryst.

The Warrior Tribes of Eisen.

The Desert Nomads of Lakrika.

The Pacifistic Matriarchy of Flor.

Other, Unsettled Lands.

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