So I figured that you guys might want some info on what this little game is about, so I figured I’d just…put down the notes that I wrote for it in the first place. No spoilers, of course.


The mystical land of Luxendarc (details included in another document) is the home to this particular adventure. At first glance, Luxendarc appears to be your standard fantasy fare (a myriad of environments spread out in a pattern that doesn’t make any sense, fulfilling elemental requirements, just for example), but beneath the surface lies an untouched layer of lore, filled with powerful heroes, cosmic foes, and historical battles, unexplored by historians for hundreds of years. This lost history is what we aim to explore. Specifically, in the lore for the world of Luxendarc presented in the video game in which it’s featured, a singular land bears enough importance to the history of the world that it’s mentioned multiple times in various different item descriptions: the land of Wa.

Wa (further details also in another document), from what we can gather, was an island nation separated from the rest of the continents, much in the same way that Caldisla is today. This ephemeral land produced many items that were found nowhere else in the world at the time, such as the peerless katana and even the magical Phoenix Down. However, despite its apparent importance to the present state of Luxendarc, the land of Wa somehow has slipped the mind of all of those who might remember its greatness — even the wise Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, who wields a deadly blade forged by the craftsmen of the lost land.

Wa, by the way, is the old Chinese name for the country of Japan.

Shocking, I know.


Another significant piece of lore wiggles its way into the descriptions of various items and summons, and that is the Age of Myth. In this long-lost time, gods existed as physical beings that interacted directly with mortals, and monsters roamed the lands that no man in the present day would ever believe could exist. Wandering balls of fire, primed to explode and consume all those around them; dog-sized porcupines with razor-sharp quills almost like swords; even wisps of darkness, vaguely resembling humans that once lived, able to simply reach out and immediately blind all those who look upon them.

In this time, the kingdoms of Caldisla, Ancheim, Florem, Eisenberg, and Eternia were barely getting off the ground; in fact, a few of them didn’t even exist yet. The details of these kingdoms and what form they exist in at this point in history will be covered in the setting document.

While you may think that technology at this time would inherently inferior to the technology present in the modern day, you would, surprisingly, be wrong. The people living in the Age of Myth have a control over the magical energies flowing through the “veins” of the earth that those living in the Age of Heroes (the name I’ve given the present era) could only dream of having. Something happened between these two ages that caused a significant shift in the capabilities of these people. With their magical connections lost, most people turned to re-creating the “magic” with technology instead. Of course, there are a few things that would be considered primitive by the present era’s standards, but they are few and far between.


Why, the player characters, of course!

Okay, I’ll be more specific.

Obviously, I’m not going to limit the kinds of player characters that can be created. That wouldn’t be fun at all, and it would limit the potential of this story. However, I do have an end goal in sight for these characters:

Whoever they may be, these characters will become the basis for the Asterisks created by the Sage Yulyana. Their power will be passed down to future generations…and eventually used to defend the world against the dimensional ravager Ouroboros.

But you’ve gotta earn that honor, first. And you may not! You may just die.

Time will tell!


Of course, no adventure is complete without something that the PCs have to do.

While I don’t have a whole lot of specifics written up just yet, the basic premise is this: your characters are the retainers to Emperor Tatsumi Kamiizumi (yes, there’s a relation) of the reigning kingdom in the land of Wa. At the beginning of the adventure, Kamiizumi has just recently negotiated a treaty with the two other major emperors residing in the land of Wa: Liu Yoshido and Fei Hua. These three kingdoms have come together to lead the land of Wa to a prosperous future, and to celebrate these possibilities, the three emperors are throwing a nationwide party (though these lamers call it a ‘festival’ instead). All of you are forced to attend, since you have to guard Emperor Kamiizumi from any assassins that might try and take advantage of the festival. But with what the festival is supposed to honor, there’s no way there’d be anyone left who’d want Kamiizumi dead.


Well, whatever happens, adventurers, I’m sure it’ll be exciting.

Sharpen your blades, prepare your spells, and prepare for a long and arduous journey through a land long lost to the flow of time.

Welcome to the land of Wa.


SamtheDeathclaw Monotira